My First Couchsurfing Couch

I've moved into a friend's apartment and left behind my dormitory and thus had to change my couch description on couchsurfing. Still, I thought it would be fun to keep around a record of what I had to say about my old one, so I'm preserving that here in my internets journal.

Matt's Couch

You're in the same room as me (there's only one, after all), but you win the bed -- I'll sleep on the floor with my camping pad, no worries.

I'm living in a tiny tiny dormitory and technically can't have visitors, but I won't tell if you won't.

It's a single room + shower & toilet, which means I'm on the floor and you score my bed. My place is so dingy that I pretty much see myself as a "fall-back" plan for people who couldn't get a couch elsewhere in Sendai, or for those who really enjoy the sleep-over feeling of CouchSurfing ^^.

Getting in and out of my dorm is kind of a pain. I only have one key, so we either have to work something out timing-wise or else you can only get in when I'm already at home (or vice-versa -- I'm totally fine with giving you the key and timing out my return trips)

It's important to me that you acknowledge in your couch request that you've read these warnings about the room size and key fun. Just nice to know people read this =) Saves me from having to clarify, too. At the same time, I want to emphasize that it's still a totally-workable couchsurfing place. I've had a few people stay over and it's always surprisingly easy to work out.

You're welcome to use anything of mine, laptop, ethernet, shower, sink, clothesline etc etc. There's also a kitchen and washroom I share with the flatmates that I'm sure I can get you access to.
Nearby we've got combini, indian food, chinese, izakaya, lots of things if you're willing to go looking. Two semi-nearby trainstations (on the same line) and a thirty second walk to a bus stop.

I live a little far from downtown, about a forty-five minute walk to sendai station, but it's one I've definitely made quite a few times.

Weekday schedule: I wake up at 7 or 8 but don't have a problem leaving you in the room. I'm then at the lab / in class until some time between 4 and 6.
Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays I try to make it to the pool from 8:30-10:30 at night. These are my only "fixed" evening thing, but it's not rare for me to only do two of the three days, so I'm sure we can work things out if you've got some sort of time conflict =)

Moral of the story here: I'm pretty easy going about this stuff.


現在、東北大学の国際交流会館という寮に住んでいて、泊めないはずなのに、やろう!としました。^^ほんま小っちゃい部屋だから、同じ部屋に寝ることになっています。よろしくお願い。で、その部屋にもちろんベッド一つしかないんですが、僕がよくキャンプしたりするから自分のキャンプ用パッドの上に寝てサーファーにベッドを貸してやります。 けれど、確かめたい点あります。この部屋はごく小さくてお互いの脇で寝てる感じがすることさえあるほどだし鍵一つしかないのでここで泊まるのはちょっと、サーファーによって居心地が悪いところだかもしれません。ということで、ご依頼を送る前に僕の部屋で泊まりたいかどうかを改めて考えるようお願いします。そうしてまだいいと考えてくれたら「あの条件を読んだよ!」と必ずリークウェーストに書き入れてください、僕が再び確かめる必要のないために。

その他の情報は…ええと、俺の部屋にあるもの(shower、トイレ、研究室から偶に持って帰るパソコンなど)、なんでも、どうぞ自由につかってください。台所、ストーブ、冷蔵庫、洗濯機もあって使われたら構いませんが、公共のものなので使う前にまず僕と話してもらえばと思います。 室内は禁煙、外では許可されますが、吸わないでいただければと思います。煙草の匂いが僕にとってかなり臭いですもの


僕の普段の平日の生活について:朝7か8時におきることにしており、研究室を出ることを大抵4時から6時の間にします。月、水、木に8時半から10時半までトライアスロンチームと水泳の予定です。その他の日、予定なければクライミングジムとかに行くくせがあります。 「ヤバい、自分の日程と全然会わない」と思っている人へ:心配しないで!都合を喜んで合わせますから