First off. Cooking on a single past-its-prime steel frying pan on an induction hot plate. I made two omelettes: one two eggs, one three (for this fat bitch right here). Let the games begin.

  1. I got some boug diced uncured pancetta. I threw that in the frying pan solo
  2. I sliced, short-wise, a dozen cherry tomatoes.
  3. Rough chopped half a bunch of spinach.
  4. Half an orange bell pepper, in medium-sized strips which were then cut into quarters. So little bigger than diced.
  5. Removed the pancetta, set aside, before it started to brown.
  6. Threw the onions in the pancetta's fat. looked at it and was like "nah this bitch needs more fat" and threw in at least a tablespoon of butter. prolly two. (fat. bitch.)
  7. added sliced garlic when it looked like it was time
  8. added the spinach and peppers but kept em separated
  9. set all the veg aside - that's filling for later
  10. fork whisked up the eggs. put a pinch of the onion+spinach mixture straight in there. a very small bit of the cheese i didn't tell you i shredded.
  11. buttered the pan up.
  12. screamed "FUCK" when i knocked the egg mixture on the floor
  13. stood around kinda sad for a little bit
  14. rescued the veg from the egg mess on the floor and whisked up more eggs with it. dirt is flavor.
  15. stacy cleaned up my mess.
  16. OKAY eggs in pan
  17. pan was bigger than a 2 egg omelette would like for easy flipping, so i aggressively pushed the eggs in to form a smaller circle in the pan, like a g.
  18. put the slices of tomato on the edges of the pan to cook them just sliiightly. removed.
  19. flipped huevos
  20. oaxaca cheese all up in that bitch
  21. filling all up in there
  22. look it's an omelette wtf do you think i did next
  23. plated it. put the filling that spilled out on top. green onion on top. pepper all up on that bitch.
  24. then i did that stuff again but with the pancetta. in that case, i also added a bit of pancetta into the egg for cooking.
  25. baby you got yourself a stew