I Made A Website

Well, a webpage. Well, a landing page. You can see it over at novaugust.net. And this is what I think it looks like! If it »

Knees, Shoulders, and Gore

Knees I mentioned at the bottom of this post that I dislocated my knee, and that it was the inspiration for my kayaking a month later. »

Function Recipes

I was looking for some inspiration for what to cook up tonight, and while browsing through my recipes noticed something that stuck out just a bit. »

Editing Arches Photos

When a photo isn't worth rescuing, it can be pretty dang fun to just blow it away. Before After »

Rttr - Learning jQuery

Rttr "ritter" source code I was in Cheyenne for work things this last week and walked into Barnes & Noble for the first time in years. »

Facebook Integration

So, I just spent the afternoon getting facebook like buttons and facebook comments on my site. The downside to this is, any old comments will appear »

Backpacking Partners

The wilderness is vast but a two-person tent is not. -Ken Hilton, on poor backpacking partners. »

Published - A Follow Up

Awhile ago I had a post celebrating my getting published. A year later there's finally a pdf up on the web, so for my own sake, »