Backcountry Japan Ski Video (Gassan)

Kazumi-san linked me the video she put together from our first backcountry trip for the year, so I'm throwing it here to keep it in mind. Something in the future I might update the date-time on this post so that it appears next to the old one, but for now I'll keep it on the front page.

Check out the first few minutes to get a feel for what the top of that place was like, and enjoy our snow cave. The video is somewhat monstrous and without any proper sound, so I'll write up a bit of a guide. I get captured in two whole runs at the end.

If you're just on the hunt for a Matt, I'm running around in a green jacket and can be spotted:
  • Right at the start, throughout the whole first minute or so.
  • 3:14, waiting on Kazumi san.
  • 3:40, dusting Kazumi san (keep watching until 4:24)
  • 5:10 Waiting under the lift
  • 5:30 Wow, I'm a jerk
  • 6:34 Splitting my board. Being a snowboarder sure does suck on flats.
  • 7:00 Finally, a downhill again!
  • Actually, this was the best part of the run as far as terrain features go. We were shooting down the spaces between a road as it wound its way up the mountain. Jumps were abundant.
  • 7:53 I get first drop, wewt
  • 9:10 This is actually a fairly long shot of me running, not just a cameo
  • 10:30 Hahahaha, holy snowboard fail.
  • 10:45 Go go gadget me. Another actual run
  • 11:30 The day, she is done.

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