Too much time in the Creek and on the slopes has kept me from making the holidays at my parent's house in Cheyenne for the last two years. So this year, with snow dump, dump, dumping in the Tetons I turned my back and went south and east to Cheyenne.

Such a good son.

Mom & The Meat

Granny has had about enough of that, Cary Enlow.

Granny and wine

Santa Cary

Santa and Maciej

Jenn silly face


Three years back, still in college and living with dear Kenneth, I spent both Thanksgiving and Christmas with his and his lady friend Cat's families.

Thanksgiving 2012 in Fremont Canyon
Thanksgiving, 2012, modelling Patagucchi

Ken and beer
Kenneth made a pie and drank him some beer

Senior profile

The XMas tradition at Chez Hilton is to drink cards and play fine whiskey. Fine whsikey and pladydrkn cadsrs. Fe.. Hm.


The bridge

Ken with cards

Lexi on the phone

The Christmas Spirit

Matt Enlow

Matt has a camera, a home on wheels, and this website
Down by the river