Fun with Japanese

Japanese has a lot of words that stand very near each other in a phonetic sense. If you write these words with their kanji (Chinese ideographs) they might not look much alike  (巨大<>兄弟) but if we write them in the phonetics you're use to we get kyodai (gigantic) and kyoudai (siblings).  This is the part where I make a gigantic siblings joke, but instead I move boldly forward.  Another example: kawaii (cute) and kowai (scary).

Usually people give you the benefit of the doubt or make the connection, but other times...

If only I could link this post as explanation to the woman I asked for permission to sit on her dog, then she'd see it was all just a silly misunderstanding.
座る<>触る suwaru (to sit) and sawaru (to touch)

Similarly, perhaps this post could help put my lab-mate more at ease when he's around me. He's seemed on edge ever since I asked him if he minded if I got naked in the lab, when all I wanted was to remove a flash-drive from a PC.
抜く<>脱ぐ   nuku (pull out) and nugu (take off clothes)

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