Hiroshima and Miyajima

Hiroshima was great. We stayed on the bay, bounced our way across the waves in a boat or two, and had a fancy meal up on the twenty second story of a hotel where yet another serviceperson who couldn't speak English refused to communicate with white people in Japanese. It happens.

I just want the photos to tell the story of our time in Hiroshima and Miyajima. I feel these photos somehow managed to capture not just the colors and shapes of where we were but some of its essence as well, particularly the ones in Miyajima. Hope you enjoy.

広島湾 - Hiroshima Bay

宮島 - Miyajima

And that's it. My family and I went back to Osaka where they boarded a plane home. I spent the night with Gary and Mona, and in the morning I abused my brother's tourist (read: not student) train pass to go back home to Sendai.

I passed two days in Sendai switching between frantically packing for Thailand and saying hi to friends I hadn't seen for a month before it became two. I actually wrote my first post mentioning my time running around with my family (and the first post in this series) during this time.

Thanks to Ryan, Tammy, Jenn, Hiro, my family, my other family, Nellie, Gary and Mona, and everyone I saw along that monthlong trip. Thanks also for coming along and reading (or at least looking at pretty pictures) about it. Half a year after it happened one twelfth of my time in Japan is finally up on the blog.

The whole series about my spring break has been craftily tagged to make it easy to read through, you can do that with this link.

Oh, and thanks for the nice camera Pops. Hope I put it to use well enough for you during those two weeks you visited me.

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