Holidays Part 2, Sendai Lights

Looking at all the fun leading up to and squeezed into Christmas, it's almost scary to think that the fun just started there. But before I can launch into the exciting parts (travel travel travel), there was a bit of a lull between Christmas day and the start of my adventures outside of Sendai.

Since I had a full schedule planned for my winter vacation, starting with skiing on the 28th followed by a voyage down to the Western bit of Japan, the days between Christmas and my departure from Sendai felt a little squeezed. In addition to getting my travel reservations over the new years, I also started making actual progress on the great big party in Japan that'll be happening in February and March as friends and family come to visit Japan. Tho days of smashing all those things together are pretty well summed up in this post of mine from the 27th.

Man, deadlines make days productive! Bought shinkansen tickets for kyoto, airplane tickets for sapporo, reserved the hostel in hokkaido, finalized plans for winter vacation, cleaned room, crashed my bike into the back of a car that stopped quicker than I could, did laundry, took out trash, cleaned bike, win!
Walking out of Sendai station after buying the shinkansen tickets I was reminded that I live in a big, bright-lights sort of city.

This last photo, as well as the one on top, were taken on Jozenji street, the road with my climbing gym, and where I took the pictures of the hikari pageant earlier. Since I had my camera with me that day, I road down the street one handed recording everything. That, of course, means very shaky bicycle footage. One of these days it might just get put up as a virtual-ride-through video. Until then, I hope these photos will suffice, as the hikari pageant has long since ended.

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