The place that comes to mind when I hear the word "home" in my head is starting to change again.


While I've still got over a month left here in Japan, things feel like they're drawing to a close. My good friend Ken left the country last week to return home to Pennsylvania in time to start up a new year of school. Hashimoto and I ran out at one in the morning to get one last chance to say goodbye, and let him know just how much we'd miss him.


I've also set up my class list for the next semester (though a few changes need to be made) and gone through the process of finding a roommate. One of these things (the latter) worked out quite well, while the other, well...

Through some clerical errors on the behalf of one of my former advisors in computer science, I'll be taking a pretty heavy workload at Wyoming in an effort to actually and finally graduate in the year. I'm still trying to work something out with the Japanese teacher to secure that Japanese minor, something UW "offers" and yet doesn't. Clerically, it exists, but fulfilling the requisites is rather hard as the classes required aren't actually held.

The rooming situation seemed to be getting worse and worse as time marched on. I sent out a multitude of inquiries to classifieds but was usually met with a wall of silence. Three weeks of this had me feeling a bit desperate, until I saw a pretty attractive ad. Graduate student, super location, with a dog, etc etc, contact... a Ms. K. Taylor?

Wait a second. Could it be? Yes! Turns out a good friend of mine was looking for a roommate, and we're all set up. The location is gosh dang amazing, well located between campus, groceries, downtown, and parks. The roommate is also a boon of good company, so very much looking forward to that.


Random things are getting my eyes stuck on going back to Laramie. I've seen pictures of friends out camping, climbing, and mountain biking, and feel find myself getting anxious to join them in the fun.

I've convinced a group of friends to sign up for a half marathon in Utah. It takes place a week before my birthday and three days after I get back. Looking forward to it.

I watched a video on youtube recently where the commentators were eating bread bowls. I had forgotten about those... I use to get one at the Gardens in the basement of the Union on a weekly basis during the winter. Looking forward to all my favorite restaurants.

My friend Disa is a vegan. We have an absolutely amazing vegan / vegetarian restaurant in Laramie called Sweet Melissa's, and best of all it's physically connected to one of the best bars in town owned by the same folk. It'll be great to eat there and then run into friends and acquaintances at First Street Bar afterwards.

Speaking of bars, The Alibi always has great burgers with live music in their backyard during the Autumn. I'll be sure to get my dad to come out to one of those and spend the night in Laramie again.

I've had a real itch to get into reading books again. Something in my head is yelling "It's summer, it's summer, go out to a park and read!"

I'm looking forward to Sunshine Wheats, and drinking beers out of bottles. I'm looking forward to enjoying them on the porch in my parents backyard while my brother barbeques, the dogs beg for attention, and my dad tells bad jokes and worse stories to our friends.

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