Kyoto - The Silver Pavillion


After Kiyomizu and a spot of lunch at a cute little cafe we went off to our last major tourist destination for the day. This time around it was somewhere I'd never been to before, "Ginkaku-ji". It boasted a neat garden that I think was one of the things we all agreed we were happy we had gone to when the trip was coming to a close.

The weather still had no plans for clearing up though, and the dreary sky with the white sand gardens didn't make for the best photo opportunities. Here's a few just the same.銀閣寺

stone bridge over pond

Climbing a good set of stairs we put the clouds sitting low in the valleys of the mountains around Kyoto into my lense.

And that, along with the Thirty-Three-Lengths Hall and Pure Water Tmple was the end of my family's first full day in Kyoto. Well, according to my camera anyways. The danger of writing these trip diaries up well after the fact is not having any way to recall what all occurred but the photos that are left. Let's not forget just why I started this blog. The next day Jenn, Dad and I would be up early to see my favorite place in Kyoto - Fushimi Inari Shrine.

It might be a while until I share pictures from that wonderful morning stroll. In two days I'm leaving for a two week journey around Japan before leaving to be back in the states, and I'm still not sure what's going to happen with my bicycle...

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