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As mentioned in the last post, finally managed to get out and do some climbing this weekend. In fact, I climbed until my arms no longer functioned... which sadly didn't take too much. I've lost a lot, but that just means I'll get to get excited about even more progress.

Big sinks group

  • Put Down Your Ducky - 5.8 **
    • Took co-worker Casey out for a classic 5.8 ride during my first week of work. Anyhoo, this is potentially the best 5.8 in the world (yes, even beating La Vaca)
  • Action Candy - 10a **
    • Random, weird connection Dave and I went out Friday night and got on this. I told him the story of Ken having to down-climb some parts to bring draws up because he didn't take enough to start with, and then I proceeded to send Dave up with too few draws. Whoops.
    • I climbed it with numb hands, which stopped me cold at the last ten feet of slab, until I figured out a way to warm my hands up under my harness.
  • Climb Like A Girl - 10a *
    • Tricky, slabby crux early on - the key is to believe in the power of the coarsely sandpaper-like slab. Fun finish is what gives it the star. This was also Friday night.
  • More Funky Than Gunky - 5.9 **
    • Ascent #20? With Dave and Logan Saturday morning.
  • Child's Play - 10c *
    • How had I never noticed this climb before? Fun, and right next to MFTGunky. Footwork crux leads to easier pockets after halfway up.
  • Harvest Moon - 11a **
    • Super fun start, early, serious 11a crux on bolt number two, then fun 10c/d pocket pulling. Good stuff!
    • My first 11 in Sinks? They were all in Wild Iris before.
  • Elmo's Fish - 10d **
    • We have us a history, don't we girl.
  • Global Warm-Up - 10c *
    • Funky start, inconsistent (varying) climb, still pretty fun though. Was glad to have a stick clip for that start. Another mid 10 I had never done before.
  • That's it for now! Until next time.

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