Laundry List

This post goes up right when my plane leaves Japan. Yay!

Packing was fun. Here's what I'm taking on my three-week Thailand expedition. All of it is getting stuffed into an Osprey Aether 70-Litre Backpack.


  • 6 shirts (wearing two right now - 2x button downs 4x climbing T's)
  • 4 pairs of undies (wearing two one right now!)
  • Synthetic, quickdry uberlightweight pants (wearing)
  • Synth. shorts
  • Running/swimming shorts
  • Sandal thongs (that's what they're called, right?)
  • Vibram Fivefingers (wearing)
  • Patagonia Stretch Ascent Jacket (wearing)
No shoes means no need for socks, yay!



In-flight Entertainment

Going to Thailand is no excuse to forget Japanese, so I'm taking along two books.
  • 星の王子さま (The Little Prince) - I've read this so many, many times.
  • 不思議の国のアリス (Alice in Wonderland) - Just started
  • 電子辞書 - An electronic dictionary to help me if I get lost in Wonderland
  • 携帯 - My cellphone! To keep up with my Anki studies.
  • Earphones to listen to the cellphone

The Rest

  • Passport. I hear that's important
  • Camelback bladder
  • Toiletries
  • Canon Camera

Things I gotta get there

  • A hat
  • Sunscreen
Yes, all of that fits inside of my backpack. I'm actually taking off the top-pouch and using it as carryon, it has the inflight stuff. Everything else is stuffed into the main pocket of my lovely orange bag. Conspicuously missing from all this - my baby laptop!

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