This Month in Android Shots

And that's how I start a post made of just pictures from my android phone. As you'll remember, my good camera was quite tragically broken, and given that my old camera runs out of juice very quickly, I find myself using my phone more and more.

Anyhoo, the above is a picture of the trees outside the bookstore up on Aobayama campus a month ago, and next up is a lovely tent I sent up in the hallway as soon as I received it from backcountry.

It's a two person tent, which means a Matt and half of another person. Well, that's what it usually means, but this guy is actually roomy enough two will definitely fit. Very happy with the purchase.

Next up, a few weeks back during a night on the town I noticed copper cups at the bar we were at. I asked the 'tender if he'd use it to make a mule for me, and he delivered. It tasted like home, spot on.

The two gold bowls are used to hold the currency of the bar, those two coins up at the top. Essentially it's like an arcade, where you turn your money into tokens, then drinks and food cost so-many tokens. Obnoxious but workable.

After a night on the town, nothing quite like a

abura sobaBowl of oiled soba from 一二三油そば (one two three! abura soba). Very very tasty stuff, fun little place to hit up for the traditional after-bar 二次会, the second party. Normally soba comes in a whole lot of broth of whatever variety, whereas this is just the noodles and accouterments, sans broth.

This last image is a bit random, but I'm putting it up for my friend Mike, who once asked me why he was given weird looks when he used a word that mean "this store" (当店) with the staff. Well, turns out that's only a word for the store to refer to itself, and as proof, here it is written on a toilet paper note. Yes, this is just an excuse to put a picture of toilet paper on my blog. Very low quality, sorry about that.


At this store, we're using recycled toilet paper that is friendly to the Earth.

Funny how that sentence is almost opposite word order from the Japanese after the first clause.

当店は(this store)、地球に(to the earth)やさしい(friendly)再生紙(recycled paper)トイレットロール(toilet roll)を使用してます(using)
Anyways, gotta get back to work on the research. Presentation next week, and no real progress to speak of yet...

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