Photo Editing Inari Shrine

Playing around in software I previously only considered useful for browsing through my folders and folders of digital photos has taught me the value of even the simplest, automated digital editing.

It can take a picture from this

to this

Look at how much more prominent the statues are, while their foggy, eerie background is still preserved. I first started using photos edited in this way just a little bit ago with my photos from Korea, but from now on it's going to happen to all photos before I look at uploading them.

That's not too say the color-normalization always goes well - infact, I've noticed it is often unflattering to skin tones. But hey, who wants to see people in photos anyways?

These photos were taken from the first thing we visited during our second day in Kyoto, which I reckon' you'll see more of someday in the future.

Another set of before and after, this time, pictures of a swimming hole I went to on my second day in Korea:

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