Ken in Boulder Canyon

Finals week came and went. Since I dropped half of my class-load back in October it was hardly stressful times for me. Ken and I talked about taking a trip at the end of the week and climbing for a few days to celebrate the end of school, but one of my two finals lay on a Thursday. Unperturbed, I sent an email to the class's instructor asking if I couldn't take it a few days early.

From: Matt Enlow | To: Professor X
Professor X,
Would it be possible for me to take the final exam early on Monday, or, failing that, Tuesday?
Matt Enlow
From: Professor X | To: Matt Enlow
An alternative final exam is only allowed for an extreme situation. Can you provide me a reason for your request?
Professor X
From:  Matt Enlow | To: Professor X
Rock climbing is certainly extreme. I'm just not sure if it's quite the sort of extreme you're looking for.
From: Professor X | To: Matt Enlow
See you Thursday.
So it was that Ken and I climbed in Boulder Canyon on Wednesday, spent time eating and drinking with his cousaunt (sic) in Boulder proper afterwards, and I studied not one bit for my final exam at ten the next day

Priorities, baby.

Me in boulder canyon

(Oh, and count 'em -- that's two days of T-shirt climbing in December)


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