Thanks to Brittani, Thomas, and Chris for climbing with me in Sinks Canyon.

Bre and Reid for putting me up in SLC between missions.

Ken, Phil, Amy, and Phil for amazing times in the Creek.

Ken again for projecting with me in Shelf Road.

Sinks Canyon

Some Canyon Classics were repeated, and new (to me) harder climbs on Main Wall were onsighted, flashed, and redpointed.

Fossil Hill, however, kicked my ass.

Chris in Sinks

Indian Creek

For a delicious time at Indian Creek, try the following:

Start with a base of red sand, hardened until cracked. Spice with a friend you know, three you don't, a handle of JB and a package of bacon. Let sit at night out under the stars, on the side of road, in your truck, and on the sand. Should a squall interrupt your night under the canopy, a retreat to the FJ and cookies may be in order.


Annunaki - wide

Annunaki - portrait


Flight Time Focus - portrait

All the stoke


Atop Easter Island - Ken Portrait

Easter Island Sunset

Naked Men

Jesus Cooks


The North Six

Golden North Six




H2O convinced us to try our luck elsewhere.

Hilton made an executive decision and we loaded our trucks for Colorado.

Shelf Road

Cactus Cliff

Now you know why they call it Cactus Cliff.

Shelf Road Itself

And here's Shelf Road itself, which not too many eyes see, methinks.

Matt Enlow

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