Site Updates

Threw some new features onto the website.  Favicon, title bar changes, and the most important one, Gravatars.

First off, there's now a favicon, poorly designed by yours truly.  The favicon is the little bitty icon that shows up to the left of the tab if you're using chrome, like so:

favico example

While we've got that lovely image there, I also made the titles for posts prettier with a "|" separating post name and the site name.  Ta-da!

Next up, I turned on Gravatars for the site.  Gravatars are the little images next to folks' names when they comment.  If your email isn't registered with Gravatar, you'll just get a random image assigned to you.  If you want your own, here's what you need to do.

  1. Go to the Gravatar site
  2. Register
  3. Set your image!  That means either:
    • upload your own image from your computer
    • link to an image on your facebook / some other site and edit that down

And boom, you're off and running. These Gravatar doohikies get used on sites all over the interwebs, so there's a good chance you'll use it again if you're the type to comment.

Well, there's that.  I realize this is the kind of thing that really only I find worth looking at, but hey, whose blog is it?

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