Teton Pass

Teton Pass


That's the only day this week I didn't ski. I'm starting to feel kind of guilty about this. I don't even think of myself as a skier, per se. It's just too easy to get out and do it here.

Monday, Jeremy took me up to the resort for the first time. Tuesday and Thursday we dawnpatrolled the Glory bootpack. Pre-work powder: Jackson's everything they promised.

Mt. Oliver

Saturday, Chris and I met at the stateline parking lot and set out for Mt. Oliver. The warm temperatures had us convinced we weren't going to have anything to celebrate beyond being out on skins, but that didn't end up being the case.

Chris on Mt. Oliver

We got in three shorter laps, and then rode the canyon out to the car. Couldn't've asked for a better first day up.


Joslin on the nose of Edelweiss

On Sunday, Jake, Joslin, their friend Corey and I went out for a mellow day on Edelweiss. Again poor snow was expected, and again the skiing ended up being terrific.

Jake coming down Edelweiss

Don't let the tracks fool you, it was greeaaaat.

Jake finishes his run

Joslin carves

Thanks Jeremy, Chris, Jake, Joslin, and Corey for a great week of skiing!

Jake, Joslin, Corey

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