The Loop Drainage

The Loop Drainage

After a day off following our epic on Green, Nathaniel, Jenn, Maciej and I skinned back up the Loop drainage. Avalanche dangers had risen substantially over the last two days - as expected - so we were aiming for mellower terrain.

The Elephant's Trunk once again wins "most interesting skin track terrain", and this time, thanks to the new snow, it really was a skinner rather than a packer.

trunk staggered

Maciej's six-year-old binding gave out on him on the way up. For the second time only three of us got to do any actual skiing.

Our out started on a short, aggressive slope...

Nathaniel skis the start

... that eased to the point that I just kept my board pointed straight, chasing in the trails of the skiers with my camera clicking along the way.

jenn skiing mtn

Nathaniel skis crooked flats

The skies were covered over with a storm that stayed with us for the rest of our trip, but every now and then a hint of blue would shine through.

Nat under mtns

Nathaniel and Jenn

Jenn was sweet enough to take my camera from me when we found the pillow-encumbered rock that Nathaniel had pointed on the way up...

bw air

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