The Mitt

The Mitt

Ken and I went to the Mitt our first morning on Koh Yao Noi. It's part of a massive stone tower on the northern tip of the island and is accessed via a long scooter ride over washed out dirt roads that traverse a landscape of steep hills up and down until arriving at a remote resort placed on a small bay.

Out from the Mitt

From there, a path, the start of which is anything but obvious, leads up and up until it branches left or right. A left turn will take you to where we were that morning, The Mitt. For some reason I took a short  video giving a look at the route we went up (Daddy Long Legs, 6b/10c, 35m). Here's a little taste of the whole adventure for you. Hope you'll forgive the zooming and pans, it was a memory, not a work of art.

Matt Enlow

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