People's beer, brown cheese, mud, blood and mountain bikes.

Yeah, this must be Umeå.

Andrea has things she wants to tell you about those ten days. It's up to you who you listen to first, but make no mistake: you need to see her post.


Andrea and Martin reminded me how fun mountain biking is. They started my trip by putting me to work the day after I arrived.

A different kind of work.

Working at Bygdsiljum

Driving to work

Andrea working Bygdsiljum

The end of work at Bygdsiljum

After a day's work...

We play.

Martin at Bygdsiljum

Jacke lifts a wheel

But then, what's being outside with your friends in the dirt and mud, if not play?

And it was muddy, certainly. The bikes needed cleaning after every ride; I always took care to help Martin with that.

Bike cleaning handstand

I even worked on cleaning the bikes at a garden along the path.

Park handstand

Mother's Day

"Hey Andrea, does 'Mors dag' mean 'Mother's Day?'

"Yeah, why? Oh shit!"

Mother's Day Cake

Mother's Day Acro

Mother's Day Swim: Getting in

Mother's Day Swim

Hanging out

Hanging out
with some Swedes
Martin drives the car
to Bygdsiljumbacken Bygdsiljum

Shit. I might need to work on the flow with that last line.

Matt and Andrea in the car

Matt and Martin in the car

Matt, Andrea, and Martin in the car.


Matt, Andrea, and Martin in the car. Dunno.

Her Hessness

The Hessness came, the Hessness saw, the Hessness conquered.

Jenn on the wide track

Jenn crossing

Jenn cruising

Hess through trees

No cold, no May drizzle, no artsy inverted bathtub could ever hold her back.

Jenn tubbing

So she went with us to Bygdsiljumbacken Bygdsiljum back, back.. back..

Back to work

This's us on the 4x4, Jacke driving. It's probably a really weird photo if you don't know that.

It's still kinda weird if you do.

Jacke concerned
Back to work?

and so back to play

4 bikes at Bygdsiljum

The crew


Maybe it's not all just some "flat little shit hole in the north of Sweden."

Well, the flat part's apt.

We require more energy

Courage, Wisdom, Power. But... more sides.

A tree

Ghost armor

It was ten days, but the sun never did set. If I dig deep enough, there should be a metaphor for friendship here that I can tie to Jenn, to Martin, to Andrea.

By now though, I hope that you can see that some things, especially the good things, don't need so many words.

Martin sunset


Fuck. Yes. Brown Cheese.
Brown Cheese

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