Welcome, my friends, to Barthelona.

I can tell you things I learned about Barcelona.

  1. Barcelona is a city
  2. There is food in Barcelona
  3. There is at least one neat building in Barcelona

Exhibit A: Barcelona has a neat building

There is a building that is a forest, splashed in all the colors thereof.

Stacy helping the Segrada Familia look tall

Exhibit B: Barthelona is a city

Is Barcelona a city? Surely only a city would be progressive enough to commemorate non-heterosexual romance as early as the beginning of the 20th century. Especially right outside of a typically conservative bastion of Catholicism!

Love is love

Further, where else but in a large city would I have the chance of spontaneously being in the same place as my Danish little brother whose family lives in Singapore!? Although, "little" brother is kind of what he was five years ago:

Elias on my left shoulder

Nowadays he's as tall as I am, which was a bit of a shock.

Elias, Stacy and I had a wonderful city evening together. We went out for tasty tapas dinners, killed a bottle of wine, and then went to a Flamenco show. Iiiiiii loved it. That dancing was just so good. Maybe cities are alright. Maybe.

Exhibit C: Foods

Didn't cook a single gosh danged meal the whole time we was in that city. (Which was maybe three nights?)

Pesto Burrata
Squid squid squid
Tomato toast, which has its own name
Queso queso y queso
Anchovies on artichoke hearts

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