IMG_9227So, busy one-and-a-half months there.

Since the last trip ticker I've gone climbing in a few different countries, so a bit of catch-up there.

At the end of July Jenn and I went to Vedauwoo with her little and played on the practice slab.

While Alyssa was racing the Enduro, Mo and I were out climbing Baobob Tree and losing dogs.

The first weekend of August, a group of us got together for the "Last Lander Weekend" and camped out and climbed Wild Iris.

After that, Alyssa and I went off to Europe, a trip I have a couple hundred photos of. While there, we climbed in Swanage, England; the Verdon Gorge, France; and Umea, Sweden. I'm excited to share more about that trip and the fun weekends above, but having just gotten home from it all two days ago and with a move to Lander so that I can start working at PitchEngine (and on my climbing), it's going to be a while before things get processed and posted. I think life will settle down in October and photos will start going up around then.

So, until next month!


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