Starting Out Right In Sinks

Starting Out Right In Sinks

2020 proved a much more auspicious start to Sinks Canyon season than did 2019's February trip. Temps were just warm enough and the sun was blazing through clear skies.

Justin in good humor in the sun
Ernest living it up at Harvest Moon
The foulest of protrusions

My strength carried over well from Greece and Spain. I had my strongest weekend in the canyon ever, finally putting away two 12a's I'd been staring down over the last decade: Blue Moon and canyon classic Purple Galaxy. With Road to Dushanbe (which I give 12b dammit) and Drug Enemy already on my CV, that meant I doubled the number of 12s I'd sent in my "childhood" climbing area. Yay!

Ken on warmup dos: Second Hand Nova
Justin on the locals' warmup, Bush Doctor

As is the way of Lander, I managed to see just about everyone I knew up at the wall over the week. Vedder was up there whipping his dad bod into shape on Brown Trout, which I was shocked to realize was an 11c I'd never even been on. I was psyched to get on a new 11 in the canyon!

Daddy Vedder psyching up for a burn on Brown Trout
Anna & Matteo
Whipper (T)Hairapy
Mr. Steele was around for the new year's as well!
Hilton takes another burn
Ernesto getting comfy back home :)

Of course, there was also the non-climbing parts of Lander that I love so much. Time with my humans, especially if it's time naked and sweaty with my humans:

Or if it's time nourishing my humans:

And of course, time being nerds with my humans!

Finally, there was time blowing shit up with my humans, in the truest of Lander traditions - but I don't feel quite up to uploading videos of fireworks, so just picture it the best you can :)

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