Ultimate Sendai

Even as my feelings of what is home are changing, I'm getting out and around a bit here in Japan's Northeast. I've gotten in the habit of playing ultimate every Friday evening with a crew I found at Tohoku.

Ryan's been joining me, but on this last practice he had the misfortune of wrecking his leg while extending into a full-on sprint. Even walking was out of the question, so he got to sit and watch me play for an hour or two.

Lately I've had the amazing ability to need to use the bathroom in one way or another at every practice, which has some negative implications on my ability to sprint and properly participate in a bit of ultimate fun. Still, when I see that UFO in front of me I get after it as best I can.

After Ultimate I biked out north to Izumi where Ryan and his Lady live, and had a great chicken-salad dinner with a bottle of wine shared between myself, Tammy, and Colette, our fourth diner. The meal was refreshingly western, and even more-so was the way we ate it. Having friends gather casually for some home cooking and chats isn't something that happens within the local population too often. I was (and am) very grateful to all of them for including me in the evening.

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