Winslow Wall

Gallery [http://photography.novaugust.net/Stories/Flagstaff-Spring/Winslow-Wall/] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dave [https://blog.novaugust.net/maple/] was the first person to ever tell me about Winslow Wall. > It's crazy man. It's this beautiful little

The Peaks

Peaks Gallery [http://photography.novaugust.net/Stories/Flagstaff-Spring/The-Peaks/] Drive out of Flagstaff north on the 180, take a right turn on Snowbowl as though you were heading to the ski resort, and

Windows Route

I don't think we even woke up early. A casual rollout to a tourist-jammed parking lot at the Midgley Bridge, a little ways north of Sedona. Megan pretended June was on a leash


Life sped up a month ago. I closed up my trip to Indian Creek and immediately moved to Flagstaff, Az., tripled my hours-per-week, and within not much time at all started seeing a

The Waterfall

I hereby award The Waterfall with the coveted "Best Single Pitch Trad Climbing Award" of 2016. The columnar basalt requires not just that you be an excellent crack climber, or that you excel