Portland & Bend

At the end of March I skipped out of my parents' spare bedroom and resumed life on the road. The plan had been to turn a "business" trip to Portland


The recipe for a perfect Sunday Brunch: * the fantastic house to sit * a dozen of the greatest friends in the Tetons * 3 pounds of bacon * 30 eggs * 1 gallon of OJ * 1/4

Two Weeks in Lander

Some of my posts from my time in Japan would be just photographs that I had taken throughout the week or the month, like this post [](oh man,

The Latest Part Food

食べ物 - Food Apples in Japan can cost somewhere over two dollars, each. That's pretty much enough to knock them off my regular eating cycle, but tonight I splurged. The only

Japan Tastes Good

So, skiing, for the most part, is over []. I've still got one last card up my sleeve, the fabled Niseko ace, but that's still