Two Weeks in Lander

Some of my posts from my time in Japan would be just photographs that I had taken throughout the week or the month, like this post (oh man, why do I suddenly want some abura soba so bad??). I'm going to do some more of that!

At the beginning of the month, I moved to Lander. So, here's photos that take place there.

This last weekend, I climbed until I couldn't anymore, and then had to get up Elmo's Fish (10d) regardless. Met up with old friends from Laramie, new friends from Couchsurfing, and old-time locals who were friends of friends (because this is, after all, Wyoming, the biggest small town in the world). I had also gotten out the night before, and a week earlier with a coworker.
GradyGrady helped me with my move, and got to play ball as a reward

Grady chases a ball

Lander field

Fields just off the bike path.

Pizza 2

An elk and kale pizza

Pizza 1
Roasted Butternut squash and apple

Got invited to a party, roasted butternut squash and apples (here, pre-roast) for a nice fall salad.

Leaf pile

Fall is a'comin.

Guitar book

Learning to read music again, this time for the geetar.

Matt Enlow

Matt has a camera, a home on wheels, and this website
Down by the river