The land of the rising sun.

Big In Japan

Me. It's all about me. For the first time ever, I'm in every photo in this post with many photos.

Apres Ski Dinner

I could definitely go for another ski trip that ended like this. [http://www.novaugust.net/blog/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/015.jpg]via [http://oshow7.o.oo7.jp/blog/?p=439]

Yamadera: Wonderland

[http://www.novaugust.net/blog/?attachment_id=1148] Yet [https://blog.novaugust.net/the-color-of-leaves/] another [https://blog.novaugust.net/interpreter/] trip [https://blog.novaugust.net/the-latest/] to Yamadera. As always, the nature [https:


I sat down to write about what's been going on lately, mostly in an effort to not forget (as always) and ended up writing a bit here and there about my

Let's Do The Timewarp

Alright! Thailand! Let's talk about that! ...In a week or two. You might not remember (I definitely didn't until I saw some pictures on my harddrive), but before heading