A language I was semi-fluent in, once.

What's in a Name

Saturday I attended a gathering at the famed watering hole "Waterr", where everyone was suppose to be fashioned in red. I say this as an explanation for the lousy amounts of

八甲田 - Hakkouda

Like I said [https://blog.novaugust.net/another-weekend-another-ski-trip/], this last weekend was an overnight backcountry trip up in Aomori-ken, the northernmost prefecture on 本州 (honshyu), the main island of Japan. I'm

There was a weekend

When I was asked about my weekend on Monday, it was not readily apparent to me that one had occurred. This reminded me why I have a blog - a very, very poor

This Month in Android Shots

[http://www.novaugust.net/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/DSC_0005.jpg]And that's how I start a post made of just pictures from my android phone. As you'll


通訳者 An event that happened in the car-ride on the way to Yamadera [http://blog.novaugust.net/the-latest/]with Mike, Disa, and Suzuki-san:I was working away as interpreter for the two parties,