Being That Guy

Being That Guy

Bikin', baby


The bum life with a bum knee in Jackson continues to improve. Wednesday I went for my first real bike ride in ages and managed to pull in something just short of ten miles without any problem, and with a whole lot of stoke.


A New Home

That photo was taken outside of my new "place" that I moved into just this morning, and where I'll be staying through the end of my work up here. I'm roommates with a great gentleman also named Matt that knows the real reason someone would live in Jackson, and gets after it. Read: he climbs and bikes and that' that.

Looks like I'm going to turn a profit on the side cooking meth

So, no more having to fight with this guy for bed space at the yurt...

Or having to deal with living out of a car and the ensuing mayhem that causes.

Climbing rope, Guitar, Underwear (dirty), Kayaking throw rope, Foam sleeping pad, Pillow, Stand-up bike pump, Climbing pack.

From the previous photo, it's clear that sometime over the last two months, I became that guy. Please don't tell my mother.

Still, I can't be sorry for the monster I've turned into when I get to look at things like this.

Taken sometime back in May

And, here's a photo of food, because mmmmmm.


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