Lakes District Panoramas

I've moved to Lander, set up a computer, and found myself living in the weekend. That means it's time to edit the thousand pictures I took while I was in Europe.

As a sneak "peak", here's a few panoramas stitched together from hikes in the Lakes District, our first Euro-destination.

Clicking through is worth it -- that tiny image is pointing at a 16MB one hiding behind the scenes.

the peak

Check out the below image uncropped, with the black filler, here, or click on it to view the whole thing blown up.

caldera cropped

And finally, here's the view from the top.

The view from the peak

The crew at the peak

The keen eye might notice that the last two could be stitched into each other (rocks at the left of the first are the rocks at the right of the second). That, however, results in a monstrously large file with a lot of curve.


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