Massacre Rocks

Massacre Rocks

Chris and I chased a weather window to Massacre Rocks in Idaho. We spent the night in winter but the day in summer. I got to enjoy bare feet in green grass, beach sand and sunburns.

One of us forgot his sleeping bag, so we did a weekend's worth of climbing in one day.

Scoping the landscape

Eagle Wall

  • Rap-Tour 10a/b - Long, with that funkward trad feel. Switches between ledges and overhangs.
  • Air of the Dog 11c ** - Probably the highlight of my day. Flailed once on TR learning the moves, then came back for round two with some of the best climbing I've done
  • The Eagle Has Landed 11B/C ** - Stem stem stemaroo

Red Light District

  • Love Slave 10C ** - Fun
  • Barbara Dare 11A/B *** - More fun. It had one real "shitty" hold. Great onsight, came into it with the pump and confidence from Air of the Dog
  • Scared Stiff 11a ** - Good techy crimpy balancy fun
  • No Hips, Hands, or Butts 5.8 - Our first climb, and totally skippable

Massacre's guidebook has one illustration. We ferreted out what we were climbing via descriptions and exploration, flip-flopping our way between crags.

Eagle Wall Landscape

Chris looking up

Landscape Bright

Eagle Wall Tall

After a good eight pitches in the sun we sat around and had beers.

Lawn chairs

Matt Enlow

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