Andaman Sea


Tonight I leave for Denver with the father of my child, his lady friend, and my own lovely lady. Somewhere along the way the four of us will have dinner, and then the women will drive away in my car, leaving Ken and I to spend the night in the airport.

Ken and I will board red-eye flight at six to Los Angeles. We'll spend three hours reading books, playing cribbage, and maybe even trying to get a bit more un-fulfilling airport sleep. Just before one we'll walk through a corridor and stoop through the aisles of another plane. Our bodies will be pushed into the seat as it accelerates down the runway, taking us to Beijing (first time to China!). After three hours of thumb twiddling we'll be on our last flight, landing in Phuket, Thailand just after midnight, Saturday the Sixteenth. Twenty nine hours have passed since we boarded the plane in Denver, but we're still not at our destination.

At 6 we'll be in a bus on our way to Phuket's pier. From there, a two hour speedboat ride will take us across the Andaman Sea to Tonsai.

I'm not sure what happens then. Do we rent a bungalow and rest, climbing in the evening? Or do we get right down to it?

Either way, we've got ten days of playing and climbing in paradise.


As though this trip to Thailand wasn't enough, what time wasn't spent packing this morning (a lot of it) has gone towards planning a month-long trip to Europe in August.
Oh. Boy.

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