Slide Lake

Slide Lake


While complaining about my knee keeping me from anything that would allow me to enjoy an endorphin high (climbing, biking, hiking), Jake Ostlind pointed out to me that kayaking is a sport that doesn't necessarily need knees. I always forget watersports are a thing. As soon as Jake finished his pitch gears were spinning in my head. Maybe kayaking would keep me strong until I could get back on the rocks! Also, heartrate.

It didn't take much from there until I had a tiny plastic boat strapped on the top of my car and I was driving out past Kelly to Slide Lake.


The kayak I borrowed threw me through the ringer Saturday. I spent more time going in circles and taking on water than I did making real progress forward. My camera got soaked, and only just recovered enough to take this photo as I drove back out towards Jackson Hole.
The Tetons, as seen coming back from Slide Lake

So, when I needed to take a naked picture of myself (as one will, when one has just finished kayaking, removed one's wet clothes, and discovered one is a dashingly handsome man in secluded Wyoming nature), I had to use my cellphone. Its timer function eluded me at the beginning,  leaving me with a series of closeups of an unshaved (albeit attractive) long-haired hippy on my phone.

However, I eventually figured out what I was up to, and found myself with a series of zeroes and ones on my cell phone which represent something I'm rather certain I could sell for the cash monies, but which I shall graciously share with you without more self-flattery.

I'm smiling because I'm not wearing any pants
I'm smiling because I'm not wearing any pants

Yes, that photo is tastefully (and non-job-terminatingly) cropped.

Once I found some pants, I laid around on the wharf and played guitar for an hour or so, alone on a lake in with the Gros Ventre topography.



Sunday's kayaking session went much, much better. I had figured out that kayaking around on a lake in a short little kayak was not a job just for the shoulders. Instead, my thighs, my core, and I-kid-you-not, my ass all had to work together with my shoulders, arms, and back to keep me properly on course.

That understanding let me do a full loop around Slide Lake, and better yet, I got to do it without soaking my camera and myself.


Now it's a few hours later, and my arms are suddenly feeling quite fatigued.


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