I wrote three years [] ago that my trip to Thailand was filled with "nothing but good people." Peter was one of the best. A group of


I conned poor Mads and Michelle into taking me in to their home for two nights in Sorgenfri ("Sorrow-free") outside of Copenhagen. It was particularly sweet of them to welcome me

Cologne & Amsterdam

Hello! This post comes to you from beside a river in Umea, Sweden. It's not about Umea though; it's about the second and third of five countries I visited

Barcelona & Siurana

Spain for ten days. Great climbing, beautiful weather, amazing countryside, cheap wine. Barcelona Disa, Disa and I lived it up in Barcelona the night I arrived. We tried to rally and climb the

Reading & Oxford

Roight then! England! Monday - Ghostly times in London I arrived in Heathrow, walked through customs, and scanned the crowd outside arrivals, glossing over the besuited men holding placards and the families awaiting