Trudeau's Bouldering Garage

The greater Teton region is covered in snow... The view from Chris's driveway ... but unlike this time last year [], it's not quite enough snow

Across From Two Oceans

Disappointment Peak [] was swiftly followed up with more mellow slopes in Togwotee Pass, the mountain pass between the Tetons and Lander. Andrea, Martin and I first skied the

Park View Spring Skiing

Went for a bit of spring skiing just recently down in Park View with Maciej and Andrea []. She was nice enough to write up a report on it with

Winter is Coming (Somewhere)

Maciej and I went for a morning of backcountry last Thursday up on top of Medicine Bow Peak and got in a good four laps, making it home in time to shower and

八甲田 - Hakkouda

Like I said [], this last weekend was an overnight backcountry trip up in Aomori-ken, the northernmost prefecture on 本州 (honshyu), the main island of Japan. I'm