Big In Japan

Me. It's all about me. For the first time ever, I'm in every photo in this post with many photos.

Back to Tokyo

お台場 Jenn finished her two weeks in Japan with one last ride on the bullet train, headed back to Tokyo. We said goodbye to her at our fancy hotel on a man-made island

Tokyo Day 2 - Zombies

Sometime during the morning the number of people sleeping in our hostel went from three (an Austrian(?) girl got stuck with us, poor thing) up to five. Jenn and I got up in

Tokyo Day 1 Continued

After dropping off Jenn at the hostel [] to recuperate from her journey of well over 24 hours I find myself once again in a dimly lit place

Let's Do The Timewarp

Alright! Thailand! Let's talk about that! ...In a week or two. You might not remember (I definitely didn't until I saw some pictures on my harddrive), but before heading