Fremont Canyon

Fremont Canyon

Don't tell my surgeon, but when the Vedauwoo-crushin' "gypses" invited me for a weekend of exposure in Fremont Canyon I responded "Can I borrow an ascender?"

I spent three days hanging from an old rope and staring down my camera at the self-proclaimed gypses. I ended the trip with two thousand photos and a gaggle of new friends.

The Gypses

These are the folk that make up Hilton's storied Laramie crew.

Stebbins belaying

Stebbins I met last fall in Vedauwoo, which is where I also met...

Slim and Anita

Anita, whose man-toy Slim/Chris/Murray...

Murray drinking

has been an acquaintance of mine for a while. When I arrived Friday, he greeted me with "What's up you fat fuck," and like all the boys back at school, I knew he must like me. He was nicer when we were strangers.

Shane encircled

I often saw Shane reading brainy books at Coal Creek Coffee but his combination of apparent strength and intellect discouraged me from introducing myself. However, he and ...


Shaleas were at Lander a few months back and I met them then. Prior to writing this post I believe Shaleas liked me, but now that I've made that photo her intro portrait I understand if she never speaks to me again.

But man, the laughs.

Bart on Dillingham

Bart had served me beer at Coal Creek Tap on at least one occasion prior to meeting in Fremont.

Boys on a cliff

With him Bart brought three flatlanders whose names have since been lost in the sands of time.


They are not gypses, but they did make for nice photos for me. Cheers fellas.

Haley holds some unknown affiliation with Stebbins, and managed to escape without a close-up.

Hilton himself was absent from the action and presumed dead in a musty Greek alley after overindulging on Spring Break.

Self Portrait

Still, there were times I could feel his spirit beside me...

PS: In the hopes that Shaleas will talk to me again, proof that it was the moment, not the lady:

Sherry portrait

Anyways. Rock Climbing.

Captain America 11d R

An old nemesis of Shane's (though no longer!) with Shaleas on belay.



Topping it out

B-52 5.9

Fun fact: the only route in the canyon I've climbed (four years ago with Ken and Cat)

A young Matthew

Stebbins on lead, Shaleas on the dull end (again).

Stebbins and Shaleas

Stebbins clips the 2

Stebbins's exposure

Stebbin's B&W with cam

Superman 11d

Slim and Shaleas took turns hiding from the rockfall I caused on this route.

Slim steps

Murray's hand cut off

Slim hugs

Sherry places gear

Sherry Nose wipe
My favorite photo of the weekend

Behind the scenes

Hanging over Slim and Shaleas

Wine And Roses 11a

Shane and Shaleas.

Shaleas in the corridor

That's it.

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