Flowers and Limestone

The campsites and walls of Wild Iris have almost been more home to me than Jackson this summer - I think I have clocked in at least twenty nights there by now. The

The Wildest of I's

At one point I turned to Ken Hilton and whispered > "Who the fuck is this guy?" "I know, right?" the Hiltonator responds with raised eyebrows and a shrug

Ode to Rest Days

I think it's Newton's Second Law of Motion that states: > A body in constant motion eventually needs rest. I could be wrong though. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- With two trips to

Reading & Oxford

Roight then! England! Monday - Ghostly times in London I arrived in Heathrow, walked through customs, and scanned the crowd outside arrivals, glossing over the besuited men holding placards and the families awaiting

Holidays Part 6, Nostalgia Road

This post ended up being a walk down nostalgia road, which is fitting, as that's pretty much what it was like visiting Gary. So, a lot of the photos are from