Matt and Megan Do Jackson

Symmetry Spire The rest day set us up to wake up early for Symmetry Spire. Back in the day, Symmetry was my first-ever alpine adventure. [https://blog.novaugust.net/symmetry-spire/] It was beyond

Matt and Megan Do Wyoming

At long last, I got the Megs inside God's Rectangle. She left from the Bugs and I from Lander [https://blog.novaugust.net/lander-in-july/], and we rendezvoused in Victor, Idaho after

Back to Shadow Peak

Mr. Stech invited me out for a Sunday tour to Shadow Peak with Jake, Katie and Mike. It was neat getting back out there; I first skied Shadow almost exactly two years back

Trudeau's Bouldering Garage

The greater Teton region is covered in snow... The view from Chris's driveway ... but unlike this time last year [https://blog.novaugust.net/early-winters-ins-and-outs/], it's not quite enough snow

The Last of the Teats

All these photos were taken on my phone. It's not too fun to hike a camera into the Tetons when it's just two of you out there working on