Teton Cragging

What good is it living in Jackson if all you're doing is driving elsewhere to climb limestone, amirite? Rock Springs Buttress Early in the season, Chris introduced me to the Teton&

Still Not Climbing

It's hard to keep track of all the things I do that aren't climbing, but luckily I take lots of pictures to remind me. Here's some that

Ode to Rest Days

I think it's Newton's Second Law of Motion that states: > A body in constant motion eventually needs rest. I could be wrong though. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- With two trips to

A Month of Wyoming

I really recommend you play this in HD. A month ago I quit my job and moved into my car. Shortly after, two girls from Sweden [https://blog.novaugust.net/barcelona-siurana/] moved into

Straight to Summer

I came home [https://blog.novaugust.net/tag/europe-2015/] to mountains beautiful beyond words; grass too green and a bike with air in its tires; a guitar that was still in tune and