It's no Wyoming, but it's still pretty great.

The Creek of the Ages

Photo galleries [http://photography.novaugust.net/Stories/Spring-Creekings] Tapestry There are way, way too many storylines tied up in the mere five days I spent climbing in Indian Creek in early April. I

Maple With Meyer

From Lander [https://blog.novaugust.net/a-return/] to Salt Lake City, where work was accomplished, friends were imposed upon, and I reunited with Mr. Meyer. After much hemming-and-hawing about weather and which crags

Indian Creek | Part 1

Indian Creek 2016 Photo Gallery [http://photography.novaugust.net/Stories/Indian-Creek-2016/]. Well worth it. In fact, I'd skip the post and just go there. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Two trips to Red Rocks [https:

The Richness Of It All

Le gallery [http://photography.novaugust.net/Stories/The-Richness-of-It-All] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you've ever wondered about the logistics of multipitch photography, so far as I see it, there are three solutions (with minor