Dogs and Dancing

Time flew after Drew and Joy's wedding. The Fourth of July came and went, and a week later I was already back in Wyoming. Before that, though, Megan and I had

The Way Back South

Megan and I had concocted a fun little plan for reuniting at Joy's wedding (I was her "+1"). She was going to fly from Phoenix to Denver, where Ahab

A Gyps Gets Hitched

Gallery [] My wedding invitation was sent to Ken's house. I opened and read it on his toilet, two months after the wedding had actually


This post was originally called "Spring Celebrations", but for the first time in a while squiggly letters just seemed more fitting for what I'm feeling おめでたい (omedetai): auspicious, celebratory,

Still Not Climbing

It's hard to keep track of all the things I do that aren't climbing, but luckily I take lots of pictures to remind me. Here's some that