Flag Townie

Early in the year, I said I "moved" to Flagstaff as something of a joke. When you've been on the move constantly for the last two years, what does

Season's End

An Interlude Back Home When I got back from the blur of long nights out on the town on my business trip in Denver (so close to home, yet still two weeks from

Portland & Bend

At the end of March I skipped out of my parents' spare bedroom and resumed life on the road. The plan had been to turn a "business" trip to Portland

The South Sixshooter

One morning in Indian Creek, over at that fine, fine camp site they call Hamburger Rock, eight climbers sat around a morning fire. The fire was warming the air and the desert sun

Still Not Climbing

It's hard to keep track of all the things I do that aren't climbing, but luckily I take lots of pictures to remind me. Here's some that