Life sped up a month ago. I closed up my trip to Indian Creek and immediately moved to Flagstaff, Az., tripled my hours-per-week, and within not much time at all started seeing a

Season's End

An Interlude Back Home When I got back from the blur of long nights out on the town on my business trip in Denver (so close to home, yet still two weeks from

The Waterfall

I hereby award The Waterfall with the coveted "Best Single Pitch Trad Climbing Award" of 2016. The columnar basalt requires not just that you be an excellent crack climber, or that

Sedona's Towers

I called Megan from the side of a gas station by the Walmart in Yuma, Arizona. We made plans to climb something with more than one pitch in Sedona, but nothing more specific

Limekiln Canyon

Just the photos, please! [] Desert Season Desert season's begun. It's an escape from Wyoming's wearying shoulder season into that-much-longer of a