Sunrise From The Top

Gallery [] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After a summer outside of Flag Matt Steele made it back to town on August 24th, the day before my birthday. I invited him


When Megan needed a ride to Phoenix to catch a flight, I took it as an opportunity to go check out somewhere new: Mt. Lemmon over in Tucson. Hading there, I slept in

Winslow Wall

Gallery [] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dave [] was the first person to ever tell me about Winslow Wall. > It's crazy man. It&

The Peaks

Peaks Gallery [] Drive out of Flagstaff north on the 180, take a right turn on Snowbowl as though you were heading to the ski resort, and

Windows Route

I don't think we even woke up early. A casual rollout to a tourist-jammed parking lot at the Midgley Bridge, a little ways north of Sedona. Megan pretended June was on