Indian Creek | Part 5

Indian Creek 2016 Photo Gallery [] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Second Meat A Second Time The last morning of the Creek. It would just be Steele, Nate, Reese, Nate, Thomas and

Indian Creek | Part 4

Indian Creek 2016 Photo Gallery [] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Creeksgiving Feast We all convened around the campfire after our lovely day at The Wall to come together to remember a

Indian Creek | Part 3

Indian Creek 2016 Photo Gallery [] > Ken! I don't have any words for this one! > Just write the opening of The Little Prince in Japanese. And so: rokusai

The South Sixshooter

One morning in Indian Creek, over at that fine, fine camp site they call Hamburger Rock, eight climbers sat around a morning fire. The fire was warming the air and the desert sun

Desert Stone

Long Canyon's Maverick Buttress I had some things to attend to before I disappeared into the internet free lands of the Creek, but luckily Brittani and Thomas were around to keep me company