Indian Creek | Part 5

Indian Creek 2016 Photo Gallery [] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Second Meat A Second Time The last morning of the Creek. It would just be Steele, Nate, Reese, Nate, Thomas and

Indian Creek | Part 4

Indian Creek 2016 Photo Gallery [] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Creeksgiving Feast We all convened around the campfire after our lovely day at The Wall to come together to remember a

Indian Creek | Part 3

Indian Creek 2016 Photo Gallery [] > Ken! I don't have any words for this one! > Just write the opening of The Little Prince in

The South Sixshooter

One morning in Indian Creek, over at that fine, fine camp site they call Hamburger Rock, eight climbers sat around a morning fire. The fire was warming the air and the desert sun

Desert Stone

Long Canyon's Maverick Buttress I had some things to attend to before I disappeared into the internet free lands of the Creek, but luckily Brittani and Thomas were around to keep