Europe 2015

I spent six weeks travelling Europe in the Spring of 2015. I visited friends, went to conferences, and went climbing. Best of all, I did a great job of cataloging it all here.

Cologne & Amsterdam

Hello! This post comes to you from beside a river in Umea, Sweden. It's not about Umea though; it's about the second and third of five countries I visited in seven days. I

Barcelona & Siurana

Spain for ten days. Great climbing, beautiful weather, amazing countryside, cheap wine. Barcelona Disa, Disa and I lived it up in Barcelona the night I arrived. We tried to rally and climb the

Reading & Oxford

Roight then! England! Monday - Ghostly times in London I arrived in Heathrow, walked through customs, and scanned the crowd outside arrivals, glossing over the besuited men holding placards and the families awaiting


Krakow is how this whole trip got started. I work with a relatively obscure programming language, and it was having its first conference in Europe [] in the third week of


Friday Arrival Two hours after arriving in Sweden Disa and I were pulling plastic at her local gym. Half an hour after that, I had fallen asleep belaying her. Thank goodness for GriGris.