Europe 2015

I spent six weeks travelling Europe in the Spring of 2015. I visited friends, went to conferences, and went climbing. Best of all, I did a great job of cataloging it all here.

Thank Yous

A friend for every day I was in Europe. No wonder I enjoyed myself so thoroughly. So, to all of you: Disa, Erik, Disa, Martin, Cissi, Chris, Chris, Ley, Zander, Josh, Steve, Lance,


This was it, the last of seven weeks in Europe. I spent it in and around Stockholm, visiting friends old and new. I spent my first night back in the big city catching


People's beer, brown cheese, mud, blood and mountain bikes. Yeah, this must be Umeå. Andrea has things she wants to tell you about those ten days [


I wrote three years [] ago that my trip to Thailand was filled with "nothing but good people." Peter was one of the best. A group of


I conned poor Mads and Michelle into taking me in to their home for two nights in Sorgenfri ("Sorrow-free") outside of Copenhagen. It was particularly sweet of them to welcome me